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After delivering Moore's report to Texas, the San Antonio had been sent on to New Orleans for repair work. On February 11, 1842, with the principal officers of the schooner on shore, a number of seamen got into a drunken argument with Lieutenant Charles Fuller. Fuller ordered the marine guard to arms to protect the ship against a violent outbreak, only to have the sergeant of marines turn on him with a tomahawk. In the melee that followed, Fuller was shot to death and his body beaten with muskets and cutlasses. The mutineers then escaped from the ship, but were soon apprehended and placed in jail in New Orleans.

Schooner San Antonio

The Schooner San Antonio

DeGolyer-Maxson family collection. Used by permission. 1/174-27

Sam Houston to George Whitfield Terrell, February 1842
Sam Houston gossips about the mutiny and other topics, February 1842

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