Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

David G. Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 7,1836

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David Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 1836

Executive Department
Harrisburg 7th April 1836

To Henry Raguet Esqr.
Chrmn of Committee of Safety etc.


            I have the pleasure to
inform you and, through you, the good citizens of
your vicinity, that the late premature and unhappy
panic, which pervaded so large a portion of our citiz-
ens, has subsided, and that a more generous and
worthy feeling of confidence is gaining ground, and
diffusing itself among all classes.

            The fugitives are, for the most part, preparing
to return and join Genl Houston in the field.
Our army is in fine condition and high spirits.
All that is wanting is reinforcements, to enable the
Commander in Chief to commence offensive oper-
ations, and to prosecute them until the savage and
treacherous enemy are extirpated from the soil
and air of Texas, which they have already polluted
too long.

            The day of vengeance is at hand. Let the
citizens of Texas do their duty manfully and as bec-
omes the name of Americans, and these minions
of despotism will soon be annihilated.

            The enemy have passed the Colorado,

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David G. Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 7, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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