Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

David G. Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 7,1836

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David Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 1836

about 1300 strong. An addition of a few hundred to our
gallant army will insure their speedy destruction. Will
not the Red Landers “rush to the rescue” and join in the
glorious strife that shall emancipate Texas from
her ruffian and dastardly enemies? I know they
would not be denied the opportunity; that they
will not loose [sic] it, and waste their time and strength,
in shameful inactivity; while others, and Strangers
too, are winning honor, fame and the future gratit-
ude of Texas, by the overthrow and expulsion of
her enemies, and the establishment of her Indepen-

            Rally then, citizens of the Red Lands; Assert
and maintain your right to participate in the glory
of saving your country, and avenging the atrocities
committed on martyrs of Liberty, who perished in
the Alamo, and on those who have been massacred
in cold blood. Teach those half civilized, barba-
rous Mexicans, by a just, though severe retribution,
that we know how to temper justice, with mercy,
and humanity with justice[.] That their unexampl-
ed cruelties may provoke a just retaliation, but can-
not intimidate a brave and generous people.

David G. Burnet
President of the
Republic of Texas

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David G. Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 7, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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