Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 17, 1836

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 1836



Burnham's, Colorado, 17t March, 1836.


Today at half past four in the afternoon, I reached
this point with about 600 men, when my rear guard arrives,
which is a few miles in the rear, with the families which were
not known to be on the route as the army marched and for
which a guard was sent back. It pains me in heart that
such consternation should have been spread by the few de-
serters from camp. We are here; and if only 300 men remain
on this side of the Brazos I will die with them or conquer
our enemies. -- I would most respectfully suggest the assem-
blage of the troops at this point. It covers more of the
country than any other known to me. When they are as-
sembled, I will detach suitable numbers to each point,
as I may deem best. The Mexican army will not leave
us in the rear. If they do, and find San Felipe in ashes,
it will astonish astound them. I am assured that the mules and
horses of their army are miserably poor and there are
several hundred women and children with the army
with a view to colonize Texas. If La Bahia was blown
up previously to their march upon it, I should be satisfied.
As to the state of the sea-board, keep the Navy busy.
To it we must look for essential aid. Would it not be
well to send a special active agent to the U. States. -- one
who will act efficiently and promptly. Appeal to them
in the holy names of Liberty and Humanity. Our own
people, if they would act, are enough to expel every
Mexican out of Texas. Do let it be known, that on
close examination and upon reflection the force of
Santa Anna has been greatly overrated. He must have
lost one thousand or perhaps more at the Alamo. It
is said that the officers have to whip and slash the sol-

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 17, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #285c, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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