Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 9, 1842

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Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 1842


No. 5  

Legation of the United States
Galveston May 9th, 1842  

The Honble
Anson Jones Secretary of State
of the Republic of Texas  


            In my note to you of the 20th of December
1841 No. 2 I had the honor to enclose Several
communications, which had been made to the Honble
A.C. Spencer[,] Secretary of War of the United
States, complaining of depredations which had
been made by citizens from Texas upon Indians
residing in the United States, from your note
to me of the 30th of December 1841 Stating the
determined and decisive measures, which the
President of Texas would persue [sic] in regard to
this Subject, and knowing that the Government
of the United States had augmented its
Military force, near the line, with instruc-
tions to all  officers and agents, to notify the
Indians that they were not to cross over
to Texas under any pretext, it was hoped
and believed, that no further difficulty would
arise between the two Governments with regard
to the Indians. I have however the unpleasant
duty again to represent to the Honorable

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Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 9, 1842. Texas Secretary of State Records, U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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