Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 9, 1842

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Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 1842


Secretary of State of Texas; other (and Some
of more recent date) trespasses Said to have
been commited [sic] by disorderly, and lawless
Citizens of Texas upon the Indians of the
United States. For an explanation of the procee-
dings of Some of the inhabitants of Texas, herewith
is enclosed a copy of a communication from
a delegate of the Choctaw nation of Indians
to the War department of the United States,
and also an extract from a letter from a Choc-
taw to P.P. Pitchlynn. The undersigned
Charge d’ Affaire of the Unite States, respe[c]tful-
ly Suggests to Mr Jones the expediency of the
government of Texas impressing upon its citizens
and officers, whose abodes are adjacent to set-
tlements of Indians of the United States, the
necessity of abstaining from brails [brawls?] with that
race of people, and from giving them any
just cause of provocation. Unless the
Government of the United States Shall be
Satisfied, that the Government of Texas does
all that lies within its power in that respect,
it cannot be expected that the United States
Government, will consider itself answerable
for any excesses which those Savages may
be provoked to perpetrate. With renewed

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Joseph Eve to Anson Jones, May 9, 1842. Texas Secretary of State Records, U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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