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Petition of Jane Lockhart, November 23, 1851

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In early Texas, people needing financial help petitioned the Legislature. This petition from Jane Lockhart of Galveston reveals much about the role of women in the days of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas.

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Jane Lockhart petition

Galveston Nov 23rd 1851

To His Excellency Gov P.H. Bell

Dear Sir

As an unprotected
Lady now somewhat advanced in years and having exp-
ended my money and time to aid in the Glorious struggle
of Texian liberty -- I am taking the liberty to send
you and through you to the Hon. Legislative body
of Texas now assembled my humble petition hoping
that I may recive [sic] some renumeration for the
services I have rendered as set forth in my petition
as [?] the loss I sustained in the conflagration of
San Filaphi [Felipe].

As you was acquainted with me in
San Filaphi I deem you the most proper person to
aid me in this matter. Since our acquaintance
there I have been torn from many good and valued
friends and am now alone and among strangers
dependent upon my own exertions -- and believing
you to be the friend of Right and Justice
I am satisfied that the weaker part of mankind may
rest assured that in Gov Bell they will find [a] friend
in deed

Hoping to hear from you on the rec't
of this I remain very respectfully

Your ob't serv't
Jane Lockhart

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Petition of Jane Lockhart, November 23, 1851, Memorials and Petitions, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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