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Woman wearing business attire with the text Libraries are for Entrepeneurs
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Man in restaurant kitchen wearing apron with the text Libraries are for Re-entering the Workforce
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Woman in coffee shop looking at a laptop with the text Libraries are for Job Seekers
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A hand stacking blocks in the shape of a staircase with the text Libraries are for Career Changers

Texas Workforce Development Resources



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What Resources are you Looking for Today?

For Businesses

Includes resources for entrepreneurs, those looking to start a new business, existing businesses looking to grow, freelancers, and consultants.

For Job Seekers:

Includes resources for job seekers including first-time applicants and career changers.

For Re-Entry Services:

This can include caregivers, retirees, and people who left the workforce to have children. There are also libraries whose career services programs are geared to individuals who have recently been released from prison as they can face unique challenges in re-entering the workforce.

Page last modified: June 4, 2024