Peter Rogers visits, addresses TSLAC 50 years after completing the mural

Listen! Mark Smith, TSLAC Director and Librarian, interviews Peter Rogers on July 31, 2014 (mp3)

Transcript of interview (seven-page PDF opens in seperate tab/window)

Fifty years following its completion, artist Peter Rogers returned to TSLAC and generously shared the story of how he came to design and paint the mural along with remembrances of the project and his time in Austin. He said his primary inspiration for the composition came from the book 13 Days to Glory, The Siege of the Alamo by Lon Tinkle; inspiration for the design were movie posters of the period featuring large heads of staring actors in the foreground and incidents of the film depicted in the background.

Watch his speech from the evening of July 31, 2014

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