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An image of an opened wooden box with text Cabinet of Curiosities.

Cabinet of Curiosities highlights items from the State Archives artifact collection. Consisting of about 600 three-dimensional objects, these tools, homewares, clothing, and equipment help illustrate Texas life and work, primarily from 1860-1970. Items displayed represent some of the most iconic aspects of Texas history—cattle ranching, horse riding, and home life. Clothing and accessories, often used as indicators of historical eras, are also part of the exhibit. Photographs from TSLAC’s extensive holdings capture the styles, tools, and décor in historical context.

View the online lobby exhibit Cabinet of Curiosities.

Artifacts held in a government archive document significant acts of state business, such as the signing of treaties and the construction of a new state capitol. In addition to the selection of objects on view, images of TSLAC’s entire artifact collection are available through the Texas Digital ArchiveAn image indicating that this link opens up in a new website


Page last modified: July 8, 2021