A Home for Texas History Logo Showing a Stylized Photo of the three brass colored doors of the Lorenzo de Zavala Building and the text of 60 Years with a red ribbon.

A Home for Texas History commemorates the 60th anniversary of the dedication of the Texas State Archives and Library building, renamed in 1973 for the first vice president of the Republic of Texas, Lorenzo de Zavala. The new facility provided a secure, climate-controlled, and spacious environment to preserve the foundational and priceless documents entrusted to the Archives Division. Key also was the opportunity for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to better serve the public.

View the online lobby exhibit A Home for Texas History.

In the spirit of the dedication 60 years ago, this exhibit presents the opportunity for visitors to view iconic “Texas Treasures” alongside other significant historical records fundamental to statecraft preserved in the State Archives.

Artifacts held in a government archive document significant acts of state business, such as the signing of treaties and the construction of a new state capitol. In addition to the selection of objects on view, images of TSLAC’s entire artifact collection are available through the Texas Digital Archive""


Page last modified: February 25, 2022