Texas in Focus: Early Photographs from the State Archives

There is an almost magical quality to the practice of harnessing light and shadow to capture a fleeting moment in time. Our fascination with photography extends far beyond its documentary nature, and from the time that it was introduced these alluring images have fueled our sense of curiosity. Texas in Focus showcases images from the Prints and Photographs Collection at the Texas State Archives that reveal a visual narrative of the history of the state and the rapid technological advancements taking place in the field of photography from the mid to late 19th century.

On display are iconic figures and moments central to the story of Texas interwoven with the likenesses of "ordinary" citizens, who played witness to moments that exist now only within the pages of books. From the handcrafted images found within this collection to the millions of megapixels uploaded to social networking sites every minute, it is exciting to speculate what the future will bring to the ever-changing art form of photography. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission invites you to step back in time and develop a deeper understanding of the story of Texas and her people.

Page last modified: May 20, 2016