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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, September 1, 1874

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Handbook of Texas article on Reuben M. Potter

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Potter to McArdle, September 1874

Fort Wood, N.Y.H. September 1st 1874.

My Dear Sir:

            I reviewed to day your two letters of the 19th & 23 of August, and I am

well pleased to learn that mine of the 13th, though from one en-

tirely ignorant of artistic details & practical effect, is thought to

be not wholly unsuggestive. The defects of the point of view

which I recommended are obvious to any one on being point-

ed out, and became somewhat apparent to me after my letter

was sent. The spot you select to look from, and the scenes

& groups it takes in, comprise, so far as I can judge, the

best handling that could be given to the subject. Evans's

torch was a bright thought. The artistic effect of its glare

on the combat combines with it a fine coincidence: it lights

up two noble personifications of heroic despair, the

risen, ghost-like Bowie, & the intended Samson of that Temple

who bears the torch. The allegory to be read in the sky that

dawn is finally conceived. The sense in which you

call the conflict a victory involves none of the objections

which occurred to me when the idea was first mentioned,

for I took it with a meaning too literal & gross. By

making the large area the chief scene of visible ac-

tion you render the picture more historical than was

my suggestion. There, most of what could have been seen from

with out was seen; & there Travis & Crocket fell, though

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