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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, June 6, 1881

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Potter to McArdle, June 1881

an article of his in the Colorado Cit-

izen commenting indignantly on two

out-pourings of Trash on the history of

Texas, which appeared on the 12th of

March & 9th of April in the Phila-

delphia Weekly Times. The writer evi-

dently assumed more ignorance than he was

gifted with, and must have written on a

bet that he could palm off his rubbish on

a respectable Journal. Though it does

not really merit notice I to-day

sent a communication to the Times pro-

testing against the toleration of such

slander. Whether my remarks will see the

light or not, I can not say.

            With love to the boy & kind regards to his

mother I am most truly yours

R. M. Potter

P.S. — I am sorry to hear of your poor

health, but am pleased to learn that

the boy is brisk and full of vim. My

own health is good with the exception

of lameness, which however does

not disable me from tolerably long

tramps. My household however

has been visited. My wife on the

22d of March submitted to a sur-

gical operation for cancer of the

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