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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, January 30, 1881

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Handbook of Texas article on Reuben M. Potter

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Potter to McArdle, January 1881

Brooklyn N.Y.

282 Franklin Ave

January 30th 1881.


      H. A. McArdle Esqr


My Dear Sir

            I received, three days ago, your letter of the 21st,

and yesterday the newspaper containing the art

criticism which yr letter refers to. For both letter

and paper I thank you, but more deeply do I

feel grateful for the letter, not the mere work,

but the efforts of study, the labor of intellect

you have expended in aiding my friends to

pay me a compliment which I fear is

more than I merit, for what little I have

done for Texas is so meager, and so much

owing to the fact that it came in my way

to do it, that I feel I am receiving a trib-

ute more deserved by others who have been


            I am no judge of art or of criticism on it,

but you state the aim of your late work

with a clearness & force, and with such evident

knowledge of what the aim of an artist

should be, that I feel sure your hand has

succeded [sic] effectively what your brain conceived.

The article in the Brenham Reporter, though,

as you say, from the pen of one who has never

been out of Texas, must be from one who is an

art critic by nature and appreciates what art

requires and accomplishes, better than many

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Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, January 30, 1881, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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