The Battle of San Jacinto

William S. Taylor's Account of the Battle and Santa Anna's Attempt to Escape

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Taylor's account of the battle

Note: This transcription retains all the author's spelling without the customary insertion of "[sic]" to note misspellings. Since the writer used no punctuation, the transcriber has added common punctuation to enhance readability.

No 1

General St Anna, attempting to make his escape

from the Battlefield of San Jacinto April 21st 1836.

When the Mexican Army gave way at there brestworks at

San Jacinto, general St Anna, a portion of his staff & Cavalry

following his retreat, attempted to make his way to his main

force on the [B]razos at [R]ichmond som twenty five miles distant

by the way of Vinces bridge. Capt Karnes cald [called] to all of his

Cavaldrey, that had loded guns to folow in persuit. Som fifteen

in Number folowd in [the] chase, namly Capt Karnes, Deaf Smith,

Washington Secres [Secrest], Field Secres, Dr. Aulsbery, Dock Autery

_____ [?], Two Robbinets, Lieutenant James Cook, Lieut Thomas

Robbins, Jack Robbins [?] Thomas ______ [?], Elishe Clapp,

James Hunter, [and] W S Taylor. If there was any one also

I do not now remember though there might of been[.]

From San Jacinto to the neck of vinces bridge was som Ten miles.

The Mexicans were som three quarters of a mile a head when

the persuit was in full chase. It was through a marshey

Tirirn [terrain] som times for a half mile at a stretch in mud and water

Vince deep to a horse. At the distance of a bout five miles there

horsesis comenst [commenced] tiring. This was on the account of these severe

Spanish bitt preventing them from ___ [?] there horsesis in

that marshey places, Draking [dragging] them down as these horseis would

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