The Battle of San Jacinto

William S. Taylor's Account of the Battle and Santa Anna's Attempt to Escape

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Taylor's account of the battle


tier [tire] they would dismount get in [on] there knees begging for there

lives denying at the same time that they were not connected with

the Two masacrees Alamo & Goliad. They would exclame [exclaim] in

broken inglish me no alamo me no _____ [?]. As they were some sixty

in number enclusive [exclusive] of St Anna and his Staff we had no time

nor oppertunity for taking prisners so we shot them & hasten[ed]

from this to the bridge. They were strode [strewed] every few hundred yds.

When we came within some three quarters of a mile of the bridge,

the formes of them was some half a mile a head & we eaculey [actually] is

mutch scattern. Capt. Karnes halted the firmist [foremost] of his men

untill the rear could come up forming a line of battle, believing

when they reacht the bridge & found it was destroyed and there

escape impossible they would attempt to fight. They did not

attemp to form a line for battle. They scattern in every direction.

One fine looking officer, mounted on vinces big Black Stallion,

who Capt Karnes supposed was St Anna as nevver [?] reported

that after the capturing of said horse St Anna had _____ [?]

for his, the officer dismounted in the Bank of the bayou. Capt

Karnes rode up to him [and] ast if he was St Anna. He, the officer,

replide that he was, supposing that quarters [quarter] would be shown

him (St Anna). The Mexican officer replide that he was. Capt

Karnes drew his sword [and] made a blow at him, aflicting a

slight wound on the side of the head. The offiser jumpt in to

the bayou, exclaming that he was not St Anna _____ [though?] the

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