The Battle of San Jacinto

J.M.O. Menard to McArdle, June 5, 1891

Handbook of Texas article on Sidney Sherman

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J.M.O. Menard to McArdle, June 1891

June 5th 1891

H. A. McArdle Esqr

Independence Tex.

Dear Sir:

            Mrs. Menard being ill, requests me

to answer your favor of recent date, in

regard to flag of the Buck Eye Rangers.

            It would not be possible to unfold the flag

as it has gone to pieces[,] even the fringe is

in pieces. There is one piece which has a

womans hand on it, one piece with "Li" — one

with "rty." I cannot give you a description of

the flag, but from all I can see, would

say that in my opinion, the flag was a

white one (or light blue since turned white)

with a Goddess of Liberty on it, & a Gold

fringe. If there was any inscription on

the flag I do not know & cannot tell,

probably there was.

            With kind regards I am yours

Very Truly

JMO Menard

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J.M.O. Menard to McArdle, June 5, 1891, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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