The Battle of San Jacinto

C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 10, 1905

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 10, 1905


Prof H. A. McArdle

San Antonio Tex

Dear Sir

            I see in your great painting

of the battle of San Jacinto that the flag of the Texans represents

the Goddess of Liberty on a blue back ground with a yellow

fringe. Did you get your idea from the Sherman flag before

it was so far decayed as it has been for several years?

And did you have any description written or printed to help your

conception? If so, please write me with citation of document used.

The reason of [for] this inquiry is that Mrs. [Adele] Looscan in ____ [?] Compre-

hensive History vol 1 page 693 makes the background of the Texas flag

white with a very diminutive figure of the Goddess in the foreground

& with yellow fringe around it. I have always accepted your

painting as being true & based on proper testimony, but I

would like to have from you your reasons for represent-

ing the flag as being blue with the fringe around it.

I will now write to Mrs. Looscan at Houston to get her rea-

sons for representing the flag as white.

            The present appearance of the flag in its ruin rather tends

to bear you out in you description as there is much blue

on very dark silk still apparent in its present decay; whereas

Mrs. Looscans flag has no blue or dark silk about it.

Awaiting your reply with interest I am as ever

Your friend

C. W. Raines

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 10, 1905, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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