The Battle of San Jacinto

C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 27, 1905

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 27, 1905


Prof H. A. McArdle

San Antonio Tex

Dear Sir

            Yours of the 14th inst to hand.

Thanks for your letter giving names of the persons dis-

cribing the Sherman or San Jacinto flag to you.

Will you please now answer this question. Did you ever

see & examine the San Jacinto flag while in possession of

the Sherman or at any time previous to its material decay

or ruin as it is now was when returned to the State

in 1876. If so please describe the flag as it then appeared to you.

It occurs to me that you had the flag accessible to your studio

while painting it in your Battle of San Jacinto Am I right in

this? A correct description of the flag of the Texans at

San Jacinto is an exciting question just now precipitated

by the Educational Department in one of its authorized

questions on Texas history. And I would like to have

the matter settled beyond dispute for all time. To this

end I will have filed away [in] the archives of history

in this Department your letter of the 14th inst as well

as your reply to my personal letter.

I am free to say that your description of the San Jacinto

flag is almost conclusive from the appearance of the flag in

its ruins at this time. But I will write you again on receiving

your reply.

            As to your authority for representing Travis with a Star

as in some kind of uniform, I disclaim any disposition to seriously

challenge. If I ever impressed you to the contrary, it must

have been in a spirit of humor to elicit your reasons.

I may have said many things in friendly discussions of

your art which I would not repeat to others. Let this

suffice — I am a friend to you personally & I esteem you

highly as an artist[,] not recognizing your equal in

Texas. Expecting an early reply I am

Yours Sincerely

C. W. Raines

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 27, 1905, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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