The Battle of San Jacinto

C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 19, 1905

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 19, 1905


Prof H A McArdle

San Antonio Tex

Dear Sir

Replying to yours of yesterday,

I would say that you failed to understand my last letter.

I asked no question about descriptions of the San Jacinto flag by others

but asked if you had ever seen it or examined it personally. I under-

stand now that you have never seen or examined the flag yourself, that your

ideas of its design were from written descriptions of it. There were

two or more Miles' at San Jacinto: which one made that communication to you

& when? It was Edward I see in your first letter.

Would you part with communication touching the flag & if so, on what terms[?]

We would like to have it for the State Library. Was it Miles or Sylvester that bore the

flag[?] I see however by reference to your first letter that Sylvester carried it. So that

settles that matter as to the flag bearer.

You misunderstand me again this time as to the Educational Depart-

ment being excited. On the contrary I don’t think that Department [is] excited at

all tho' the question about the San Jacinto flag has excited some of the teachers

or rather applicants for certificates. And no wonder where such authorities

as yourself & Mrs. L disagree so widely as to the design of that flag. However I

believe you are correct & I don't doubt that the Educational Department

will accept your version of the design, whatever some teachers may do.

Can you cite to any description in print published before the Civil War?

Any description published now would be only hearsay or secondary evidence.

There is enough of the flag still left to verify your statements as to its

designs. I think [the] Ed Miles communication ought to be filed with your letters

on this subject if you can make up your mind to part with it for such

a purpose.

Ever Yours

C W. Raines

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C.W. Raines to McArdle, May 19, 1905, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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