The Battle of San Jacinto

E. Crew to McArdle, Account of James McGahey, September 18, 1885

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Crew to McArdle, September 1885

Hempstead Sept 18/85

Mr. McArdle

Dear Sir

Your Circular

Letter recd by Mr. McGahey of this place

and he is aged & infirm. [H]e requested me

to answer it for him[,] he giving[,] as near

as his memory Serves him[,]  the answers

to the Several questions asked in the


1st The Mexican Breast works was a little

west of south from the point we made the

attack. The Ground was but slightly rolling

with [the] Mexican Breast works on the heighest [sic]

ground Facing north. The Breast works

were made by the scraping of earth & grass

for a space of 12 feet in front of them which

made the Breast works over three feet high on

top of this earth & grass comfort they had all

kinds of plunder such as Pack saddles & rops [ropes]

used in transportation on the backs of horses.

There was no Timber in sight on the west side

of [the] Breast works & that on the east over a

mile off, but immediately in front & 200

yards Back of the Mexican Breast works was

timber on the bay Shore of San Jacinto River.

            Dress of Mexican officers was of Blue Trimmed

in Red stripes in military order. [T]he Dress of

Privates on Mexican Side was poor[.] [W]here

they had coats they were blue but over half were

without coats. All wore a high Cap bound around

with red. Officers all had good swords &

Pistols. Privates Carried a scopet [escopeta] a kind

of Gun. Some Carried spears, mostly Cavalry

Carried spears. Horses [were] of various colors

but were mostly good Kentucky horses that

had been stolen from our side at

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E. Crew to McArdle, September 18, 1885, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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