The Battle of San Jacinto

E. Crew to McArdle, Account of James McGahey,
September 18, 1885

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Crew to McArdle, September 1885

Goliad, San Antonio & other Posts & the

Battle of Conception [Concepcion]. [T]hey captured every

horse we had.

            Deaf Smith rode a white

horse & just before the surrender Deaf

Smith on his white horse created a

Terror & sensation in the Mexican Cavalry

by Dashing after general Coss[,] Chasing

him Directly through his own Cavalry

[and] Capturing him [and] bringing him in Roped[.]

[T]his occured [sic] During the fight near the close

and just before the sun went Down &

about the time of surrender. (Coss was not

captured until the 24th!! McArdle)

I think the Twin Sisters were of Iron

& kept very bright[.] [T]he wheels to [the] carriage

were Light & trim in appearance But I

did not give them a close examination.

I do not know where escopet [escopeta] or other

Mexican arms can be obtained. I did

not see any flags on either side during

the engagement which only lasted as

it seemed to me about 20 minutes except the

white flag at Elmontes surrender.

They surrendered in Squads [and] would

come running to our men & throw

themselves on their knees & beg for

mercy. The Sun was Setting on our

right as we advanced on [the] Mexicans.

Our Cavalry was to the right & west

of us.

            This is about the substance

of Mr. McGaheys replies to the several

inquiries. He seems anxious to Contribute

all the information he can on the


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E. Crew to McArdle, September 18, 1885, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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