The Battle of San Jacinto

John P. Ferrell to McArdle, November 23, 1891

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Ferrell to McArdle, November 1891

Buckhorn Texas

Nov the 23 - 1891

Dear friend I received

your letter som [sic] few

days back [and] was glad

to hear from you. [I]t

reacht [sic] [me when I was] quite unwell but

am up [now]. Yes Ben McCuler [McCullough]

was gunner of the gun

I belong to. [?] [H]e was a bout

six feet high[,] rather dark[,]

fine lookin quick ____ [?]

made Brave. [H]e [wore] plane [sic] close [clothes]

rather the worse of [for] war [wear].

[I]f I can an[d] the weather

permi[t]s I cncom [can come] up soon.

[D]os [Does] the hack run daily or

not[?] The Ladi[e]s send thar

respect to you.

As Ever

J. P. Ferrell

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John P. Ferrell to McArdle, November 23, 1891, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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