The Battle of San Jacinto

Mary J. Briscoe to McArdle, May 30, 1889

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Mary Briscoe to McArdle, May 1889

was round; which is a mistake[.]

[I]t was not round, neither very long

but well proportioned, a short

upper lip, high forehead, [he] usually wore

his hair combed back, off the forehead,

did not often wear whiskers, wore none

when I first met him in the fall of /36,

& fair skin with dark expressive

blue eyes[.] Enclosed you will find

a lock of his hair; He was six feet in

his socks and slender (ie. not brawny or

broad shouldered. This portrait was

painted not more than 4 years

previous to /36, and possibly a year

later. I hope you will be able to make

a good likeness. He was a very well read

and intelligent man and his face showed


Yours etc

Mary J. Briscoe

My husband was with Milam at the capture of

San Antonio, was near him when he fell; he

was in the Battle of "Concepcion," the Grass fight, and

was a Capt. in the regulars at the Battle of

San Jacinto.

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Mary J. Briscoe to McArdle, May 30, 1889, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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