The Battle of San Jacinto

Mary J. Briscoe to McArdle, August 20, 1890

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Mary Briscoe to McArdle, August 1890

my observation of Battle Scenes

one picture is just as good as

another, one killing the other being

killed. There were two scenes at

the "Battle of San Jacinto" which if

properly depicted would vary

things a little. One is where Gen. H.

rides up and commands my

husband to "halt his men. That

the Volunteers were rushing

on so recklessly they would

all be cut to pieces, and the

regulars, must make a

stand, for them to fall back

upon." I think the angry and

indignant expression to that

Capt. and his mens faces as he with

drawn sword halted them

transferred to canvas would be

worth looking at-as well as the

change when Gen. Rusk rode up with

["]Briscoe what in ______ are you doing

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Mary J. Briscoe to McArdle, August 20, 1890, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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