The Battle of San Jacinto

Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 28, 1893

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Handbook of Texas article on Henry W. Karnes

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Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 1893

Note: This transcription retains all the author's spelling without the customary insertion of "[sic]" to note misspellings.

Cherokee Texas 12.28.1893

Mr McArdle I will try to __ [comply?]
with your request in the decrip-
tion [description] of my Bro Henry W. Karnes[.]
[H]e ware [was] the son of George & Hannah
Karnes [and] was born in East [T]ennessee
Hawkin Co on the 8 day of Septem
ber 1812. Fare complexsion & blue
eyes & very red headed[,] about
6 feet high [and] wore his hears [hair] very
short[,] divided on each side with
a rouch on top. [H]e ware [was] of the
Germon desent
& with our farther & mother
left East Tenn on 31 day of January
1830 for Arkns & settel in Frankin [Franklin?]
Co. & my Bro left on the 31 day
of Sept 1831 with Hary Harris [?]
for Texas & maid thir way

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Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 28, 1893, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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