The Battle of San Jacinto

Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 28, 1893

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Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 1893

the [sic] to a point on the Trinity
Rive[r] Tex & at nigh[t] the Indians run
on them & kill Harris & my Bro maid
his ecrape [escape] & sunk him self in water
& mud for 3 days & the[n] he maid
his way to Col Grossis [Gross's] nerby [nearby]
naked & hongry & Gross employed
him as a field had [hand] for the time
& then the Col employed [him] to over
see for him & at the time the Endians
& Mexicans maid thir raide on Gross[,]
Gross oder all to the _____ [?] but my
Bro told Gross they had the arms
& force to whip them & did drive
them off with ther red cheaf[.] [T]his
is the cause Gross maid un heair [in the hearing]
of my Bro. [M]y Bro ware on
educated [uneducated]. [A]s to the clothin my
Bro wore in the battel of
SindoSinto [San Jacinto] I don't know, but am enf-
orm [informed] that he ware Houstons advance
Gard & at the battel Houstin
ware wounded & Karnes takn the


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Susan H. Corley to McArdle, December 28, 1893, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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