The Battle of San Jacinto

John Ford to McArdle, June 1, 1893

Handbook of Texas article on John S. "Rip" Ford

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John Ford to McArdle, June 1893

San Antonio, June 1, 1893

H. A. McArdle, Esqr.,

Dear Sir:

            At last I am able to send you a photograph of Capt.

Manchaca. He was a lieutenant of a company of Mexicans commanded by

Col. John N. Seguin at the battle of San Jacinto. Manchaca was a companion

of Col. Bowie, and accompanied him to the United States before the war between Texas

and Mexico. He was during his whole life a faithful friend of Texas. He

was elected door keeper in the House of Representatives of Texas. His

daughters are highly respectable and married well. His grand son, Lucien

Lacoste, furnished the photograph. He wishes it returned.

I am sorry one could not have been procured of an earlier date, but

it was not possible. He was a tall Mexican — large size — spoke English — had

a wonderful memory, and was much of a favorite with Americans. You can

get an idea of his features; make his hair and beard black; modernize him.

It is just to the Mexicans who sided with the Americans to be represented in

a painting of the battle of San Jacinto. I hope you will give Manchaca a place.

It would cause you some more friends in San Antonio.

Very truly yours.

John L. Ford

Lacosta Lucien J.

209 Seventh St.

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John Ford to McArdle, June 1, 1893, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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