Disaster Recovery Storage Services

StorageFor disaster recovery vault storage of electronic media backups:

  • Approval for disaster recovery services is obtained by submitting a "Disaster Recovery Service Approval Form" (RMD 113) to the manager of Records Center Services.
  • The RMD 113 is submitted once to establish service and it is the agency's responsibility to update the form whenever there are changes in agency staff authorized to access the media.
  • Transmittal of electronic media containers is done on a "Disaster Recovery Transmittal" (Form RMD 109).
  • Transmittals are picked up with the boxes. They do not need to be sent to the State Records Center for approval prior to pick up.
  • If the agency requires access to electronic media backups, the entire container is returned to the agency. Records center staff do not remove anything from these containers.
  • Agency records management officers are provided with copies of instructions for accessing disaster recovery materials after normal working hours. Procedures have been developed to ensure that only authorized agency staff listed on the RMD 113 have access to the disaster recovery materials.
  • Off-site storage of disaster recovery backups is recommended for all agencies that have automated systems and maintain vital records on these systems. If the electronic vital records have retention periods of 10 years or more, off-site storage is required by the state Electronic Records Standards and Procedures (13 TAC §6.95).


FY 2016 Storage Fee Schedule (Effective September 1, 2015): PDF

FY 2016 Imaging Fee Schedule (Effective September 1, 2015): PDF

Eligibility criteria for storage

Preparing records for storage

Sending records to storage

Storing Disaster Recovery Materials

Disaster Recovery After Hours Access Information: PDF

Requesting or returning stored records

Final disposition of stored records

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