Final Disposition of Records Stored at State Records Center

Legal requirements

State agencies are required by law (Texas Government Code, Section 441.187) to request authorization, from the state auditor and the director and librarian, to destroy obsolete records. This applies to all state records, regardless of where they are maintained.

An agency's approved form SLR 105, Records Retention Schedule, with form SLR 105C, Records Retention Schedule Certification and Approval Page, (signed by the state auditor and the director and librarian) grants the agency the necessary authority to dispose of records as specified by the schedule. If an agency does not yet have an approved retention schedule, the agency must submit a form RMD 102, Request for Authority to Dispose of Public Records.

How to Dispose

With an Approved Retention Schedule

A state agency has the authority to dispose of records whose retention periods have expired and that are listed on an approved records retention schedule. A state record may not be destroyed if any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit, open records request, administrative review, or other action involving the record is initiated before the expiration of a retention period involving the record. State agencies are required by law to request authorization from the Director and Librarian to destroy obsolete records. [TGC §441.187].

Without an Approved Retention Schedule

For records not listed on an approved records retention schedule, a state agency must submit the form RMD 102, Request for Authority to Dispose of State Records. Do not dispose of the records until an approved form is returned.

Stored at SRC

The RMO or their appointed delegate (RML) for a state agency is encouraged to initiate the authorization for final disposition of their records by submitting an email or letter to the State Records Center Manager indicating the record series and the last eligible destruction date for that series. (AIN and Target Date) This method will "sweep" all records that meet the parameter of the request to be destroyed.  All records from the requested series whose eligible destruction date is prior to the target date will be batched and disposed of based on their disposition method.  If there are records that meet that parameter that the RMO does not want to destroy, they should add a hold on those items in the Texlinx system prior to requesting disposition. That action will remove the held items from disposition, prolonging their storage at the State Records Center. 

Final disposition of state records includes destruction, archival review, transfer to the Texas State Archives, or return to the agency. To verify disposition, the RMO may call the manager of Records Center Services at 512-475-5151 or email the State Records Center Manager.



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