Requesting or Returning Stored Records

Requesting a record stored at the State Records Center is an easy matter. By following these guidelines you can quickly retrieve the information you need.

Contact the Records Center in one of two ways

If 4 or fewer items are being requested, you may choose one of the following options:

  • 1) Use Texlinx
  • 2) Call the Records Center at 475-5155*

If 5 or more items are being requested, make the request using Texlinx.

Identify the requester

Provide the identifying information about the person who is requesting the record:

  • Name
  • Agency (or local government entity)
  • Building name and room number
  • Telephone number and extension

Provide barcode

Provide the SRC Barcode as seen in the Texlinx System or on the record's TSLAC label or on the Texas Deliver Report.

The agency or local government entity retains ownership of records during storage at the SRC. No one outside the agency or local government entity has access to any records without the originating agency's approval.

Viewing, pick up, or delivery

You may choose to pick up the record, view the record in person at the Records Center, or have it delivered to you. The requesting procedures are the same for all of these methods.

If 10 or fewer records are requested before 10 a.m., they will be available for pick up or delivery after 1 p.m. the same day. If requested after 10 a.m., they will be available after 8 a.m. the next day. Unusual circumstances, such as the records not being in the container according to the SRC  Barcode provided by the agency, may delay the usual retrieval time.

Should an emergency arise and you need a record immediately, call the Records Center and we will work with you to solve the problem.

If records are requested for viewing at the Records Center, email the request. Higher volume requests are handled on a first come, first served basis, and records services staff will call you when the records will be available.


If an employee of the agency or local government entity owning the records requests access, the following procedures apply:

  • To view the record in person at the Records Center, you must show the records services staff proof of identification.
  • To pick up the records in person at the center, or to have a Records Center staff member deliver it to you, you must:
  • Sign a SLRM receipt (Texas Delivery Report) showing that the record has been delivered to your temporary custody.
  • Keep your copy of the Texas Delivery Report in a suspense file until the record is returned to the Records Center.
  • Notate your copy of the Texas Delivery Report when the record is returned

Authorization to access a record by someone not employed by the agency or entity owning the records requires a letter from agency or entity staff that specifies exactly what type of access is approved (i.e., viewing only, copying records, delivery of records, etc.)

Return a receipted item

To return a record to storage, call the Records Center at 475-5155* or login to Texlinx.

When you call, provide the Texlinx Barcode number for each record to be returned.

Records to be returned ("refiles") are picked up on regularly scheduled deliveries to agencies or entities. The delivery of requested records takes priority over the pick up of records to be returned for refile.

NOTE: When there are several records listed on the same receipt, all records must be returned at the same time unless partial return is authorized by the Records Center supervisor prior to the pickup.

Adding records to stored containers ("Interfiles")

If you need to add a file/document to a container of records already in storage, you should request the files or boxes in the Texlinx System and return them after your interfiling is complete.  The State Records Center Manager can be contacted for possible exceptions to this policy.

Replacing a stored reel of microfilm

If an agency or local government entity wants a stored reel of microfilm replaced by a later reel (for example, if the records are refilmed), the agency/entity must notify SRC in writing and the previous stored reel will be permanently transferred back to the agency/entity.

*Each item created or requested without using Texlinx accrues additional data entry fees




Page last modified: February 8, 2018