TexShare Databases Authorized Access

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) through the TexShare program provides licensed electronic resources to TexShare member institutions. The groups that are eligible for TexShare membership are established by statue and administrative rule (see https://www.tsl.texas.gov/texshare/eligibility.html). 

Eligible groups are:

  • Accredited Texas public libraries
  • Texas academic institutions (public and private not-for-profit 2 and 4 year institutions)
  • Libraries of Clinical Medicine

Patrons of these member libraries may access TexShare resources at the library and through remote access. TSLAC contracts with content providers specify the authorized users for each type of TexShare member institution. Standard TSLAC Terms and Conditions for TexShare and TexQuest electronic resources are available for download. Libraries should be aware that vendor-specific restrictions on interlibrary loan and other uses may exist in the full contract; most restrictions of this type are also clearly marked in the item-level metadata in the resource itself.

K-12 libraries (public or private) are not members of the TexShare Consortium and are not eligible to participate in the TexShare electronic resources program. As a result, school libraries are not authorized to provide access to TexShare resources.

Public K-12 libraries and open enrollment charter schools may participate in TSLAC's TexQuest electronic resource program: www.texquest.net

K-12 students may use the TexShare electronic resources at their local public library or remotely using authorization credentials provided by the public library.

K-12 students enrolled in dual-credit programs and/or Early College High School programs through community or 4-year colleges and universities are also students of the college or university and may be given access to TexShare resources through the college or university only. K-12 school teachers, librarians, staff and volunteers who are directly involved in an Early College High School or dual-credit course may also be given access to TexShare resources by the college or university, as well as Texas Education Service Center staff involved in these programs. Their access will stop upon completion of the course or program.

TexShare member institutions may not enter into agreements with school districts or individual K-12 schools to give all students automatic access to TexShare electronic resources at school, and TexShare electronic resources should not be incorporated into K-12 curricula or classroom instruction, except in the case of dual-credit classes and Early College High Schools. Programs to offer library cards to students for homework help and other library services are not affected by this restriction as long as no special provision for access to TexShare resources is included.

Failure to abide by these restrictions could result in a breach of contract between TSLAC and its vendor(s) and loss of resources statewide.

If you have questions please contact the TexShare program at: texshare@tsl.texas.gov

Page last modified: August 28, 2020