The TexShare working groups are responsible for providing input from member libraries on TexShare programs, and advising on the policies and operations of each program. The working groups are composed of librarians from academic and public libraries and are chosen to represent the various constituent groups within TexShare, as well as geographic diversity.

Database Statistics

TexShare Databases Usage Statistics - Consortium Reports in Excel Format

Library-by-Library Stats

TexShare does not provide individual usage reports to member libraries. On request, each database vendor will set up automatic, e-mailed monthly usage reports for your library.

For EBSCO stats, contact Francisco Munoz.

For Gale stats, contact Chris Michela

For ProQuest stats (including HeritageQuest, Sanborn Maps, and Poetry Collections), contact Cassandra Monzon.

For LearningExpress stats, contact their support desk.

Other Information


Card Statistics

Other Information

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ILL / Courier (TExPress) Statistics

ILL Current

TExpress Courier Current


TPS Reports

  • Current TexShare Participation Summary Reports for public and academic libraries. The TexShare Participation Summary Reports show libraries the value of their TexShare membership. Many libraries share these reports with their funding agencies to demonstrate both the scope of TexShare resources and services available, as well as the substantial cost-avoidance that member libraries realize with their participation.

General Library Statistics

Public Library Directory and Statistics


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