Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 13, 1834

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Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 1834

requested him to do, in my letter to him dated
6th of this Month. I presume you will receive
this letter before Capt. Offutt leaves Mata-
moros, and you can write by him. It will
be best to send this letter to Mr Perry. I
wish it also for an other [sic] reason, which is
this. I have long since informed my friends
in Texas, that I was satisfied with you,
and was your friend. By sending this letter
they will have an additional evidence of
the terms of friendship on which we share.

            I will take this occasion to
thank you for the letters and statement you
have written to this City in my favor. The
only time to try friendship is when a man
is in misfortune and persecuted by a host
of powerful enemies as I am. You have
interested yourself for me even at the risk
of injuring yourself. I wish my family to
know this — they will not forget it —

            For these reasons, I wish you
to send this letter to my Brother-in-Law,
James F. Perry.

            I am in better Spirits and my
prospect[s] are much better, than they were
when Capt Offutt left, and I hope that a
few months more will release me from my
long and dreary imprisenment [sic].

            My motto has always been fidelity
to Mexico. I have never deviated from it.
But I have been greatly entangled by others[,]
and by circumstances that I could not contronl [sic].
I have suffered much, but a clear and quiet
conscience has enabled me to bear it with


Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 13, 1834. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #1664. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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