Anson Jones to Sam Houston, May 3, 1844

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In this letter to President Sam Houston, Jones refers to a number of prominent Texans. "Dr. Smith" is Ashbel Smith, charg d'affaires of Texas to England and France. Among Smith's duties was to work for friendly mediation by European powers to stop Mexican threats to reinvade Texas. "Mr. Pakenham" is Robert Pakenham, the British ambassador to the United States. "Mr. Norton" is probably Milford Phillips Norton, a newspaper publisher, postmaster of the city of Houston, and a close ally of Jones.

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Anson Jones to Sam Houston, May 1844

At Home May 3d 1844


My Dear General,

            I have received your two favors of
the 24th & 29th Ulto and accompanying despatches
which I have read. The Treaty I do not like
but suppose we must "thank God and not look
the gift horse in the mouth." A year since &
we would have been very glad to make
such terms. I expect it will be well in
the event annexation should ultimately fail or
in view of the possibility of such an event to
________ [?] Dr. Smith to bring the matter of
a guarantee against Mexican violation etc.
based upon the assurance from Texas of a
permanent maintenance of the National Unity
at once before the cabinets of St. James & St. Cloud[.] [London and Paris]

Their representatives at Washington could do
nothing in this matter more than to refer
it to their respective governments. But it
is well enough and will answer the purpose
intended no doubt by instructing V.Z. [Isaac Van Zandt] and
[J. Pinckney] Henderson to call upon Mr. Pakenham and
the French Minister in this regard.

            I have attended to your request
about the armistice as you will see by
a letter I have written Mr. Norton to which
I beg to refer you.

            I am too sick yet to
write much[,] consequently cannot

Anson Jones to Sam Houston, May 3, 1844. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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