Anson Jones to James Reily, January 26, 1842

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Anson Jones to James Reily, January 1842

________________ [missing top line?]
upon her western limits, and immediately [ad-]
jacent to our borders, the facts in reference to
certain tribes being furnished with arms and
ammunition, in payment of annuities, and
what means she is about to adopt to restrain their
repeated aggressions upon the territory and citizens
of Texas. In reference to the views of this
Government on these subjects, you are already
informed, and will find very copious instruc-
tions among the papers of the Legation at

            The third and last subject to which your
investigations are to be directed is the annexation
of Texas to the United States, the probability of
any contingency arising which would dispose
the Government of that country to assent to,
or offer a proposal of that kind, and the dispo-
sitions of Congress and the people generally, so far
as you have an opportunity of learning them
in reference to this measure.

            So soon as the result of your enquir-
ies under these instructions shall be made
known to this Department, further and more
definite ones will be furnished you on
each of these subjects for your guidance.


Anson Jones to James Reily, January 26, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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