Anson Jones to James Reily, January 26, 1842

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The last sentence of the letter refers to James Hamilton. The former governor of South Carolina, Hamilton was a friend to the Texas Revolution and had been appointed by President Lamar as loan commissioner for the republic. Hamilton arranged to borrow money from the Bank of the United States, then traveled to Europe in search of further loans. Hamilton worked with France, Britain, and Holland but was unsuccessful in obtaining any funds. Finally he concluded a tentative deal with Belgium. He returned home to promote the agreement, only to find that Sam Houston had again assumed the presidency of Texas and fired him.

Hamilton had spent several years working on behalf of Texas at his own expense, and now found himself financially ruined. He spent years trying to collect compensation. Finally, in 1857, he received word in Washington, D.C., that Texas was ready to negotiate a settlement for the money owed him. Hamilton was en route to Texas when his ship sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. He gave up his seat on a lifeboat to a woman and child and was drowned.

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Anson Jones to James Reily, January 1842

_______________ [line of text missing?]

_____ [?] [Gre]at Britain, has met the approbation [of?]
the Senate and will be ratified by the
President immediately, and is confidently
hoped and expected that our relations with
that country will soon be placed upon a
footing, which will be productive of important
and beneficial results to Texas.

            General Hamilton late Minister to England
is recalled, and a successor to him will be
appointed at an early day.

I have the honor to be
with the highest respect
Your Obdt Servant.

Anson Jones


Anson Jones to James Reily, January 26, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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