Anson Jones to Isaac Van Zandt, December 23, 1842

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Anson Jones to Isaac Van Zandt, December 1842

[and] he would transmit the same to his Govt in order
that the Commissioners might be appointed, and have
time to arrive, and be present, at the time specified. An
earlier notice would have been given, or a later period
fixed upon for holding the Council, but the difficulty of
communicating with so many Tribes of hostiles, and receiv-
ing replies, rendered the former impossible, and the fact
that Mexico may invade us in March makes it of the
utmost importance to Texas that the proposed Treaty
should be concluded as near the time fixed upon for the
council as practicable.

            You will therefore, (if at Washington
City when this arrives) urge upon the President of the
United States the appointment of the Commissioners im-
mediately, as the time will be so short, and their early
[de]parture for the Council Ground. It is perhaps [possible?]
that the Indians may be delayed a few days for
______ [?]. But at all events the Commissioners an[d] the part
the United States should not delay their arrival at
Waco Village later than the 20th of February.

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully
Yr most obt servt.
Anson Jones

Anson Jones to Isaac Van Zandt, December 23, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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