Transfer Deed, Sale of the Alamo Church to the State of Texas

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State of Texas County of Travis Know all men by these presents that the
Catholic Church of the Diocese of San An- tonio in the State of Texas acting by
and through John C. Nevez, Catholic Bishop of said Diocese, its only au-
thorized agent, and trustee for the property hereinafter described, for and in
consideration of Twenty Thousand Dollars to it in hand paid by John Ireland,
Governor of the State of Texas, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledg- ed,
has granted, bargained, sold, released and conveyed, and by these presents
does grant, bargain, sell, release and convey unto the State of Texas all of that
tract or parcel of land situated and lying in the City of San Antonio, County of
Bexar and State of Texas and described by metes and bounds as follows:
Beginning for N.W. corner at a point 86 ft. 6 ½ inches S. 79 1/3° E from the
present S.W. cor. of the old stone convent building. Thence S. 9 ½° W. just
grazing the base of the columns which stand on both sides of the Entrance to
the church - 72 ft. 2 inches. Thence S. 81 ½° E. just grazing the S. edge of the
S.W. wall of the church 108 ft 11 ¾ inches to the West edge of Alamo Ditch.
Thence up the Alamo Ditch along its

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