Sam Houston's Copy of His
Official Report of the Battle of San Jacinto

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Sam Houston Report - Page 3

their Artillery was placed. Their Cavalry upon their left wing
About 9 o'clock on the morning of the 21st the Enemy were reinforced by
500 choice troops under the command of Gen Cos, increasing their effective
force to upwards of 1500 men, while our aggregate force for the field
numbered 783 - At ½ past 3 O'clock in the Evening, I ordered the officers
of the Texian Army to parade their respective commands, having in the
mean time, ordered the Bridge on the only road communicating with
the Brazos, distant 8 miles from our Encampment, to be destroyed, thus
cutting off all possibility of escape [Our] troops paraded with alacrity and
spirit, and were anxious for the contest - Their conscious disparity in numbers
only seemed to increase their confidence, and hightened their anxiety for
the conflict. Our situation afforded us an opportunity of making the arrange
ments preparatory to the attack without exposing our designs to the Enemy-
The first Regiment commanded by Col. Burleson, was assigned the center. The
second Regiment under the command of Col. Sherman, formed the
left wing of the army. The artillery under the special command of
Col. Geo. W. Hockley Inspector Gen'l. was placed on the right of the first
Regiment; and four companies of Infantry under the command of Lieut
Col. Henry Millard, sustained the artillery upon the right. Our Cavalry
sixty one in number, commanded by Col. Mirabeau B. Lamar (whose gallant
and daring conduct on the previous day had attracted the admiration
of his comrades, and called [him to] that station) placed on our extreme
right completed our line. Our Cavalry was first dispatched to the front
of the Enemy's left, for the purpose of attracting their notice, whilst our
extensive island of timber afforded us an opportunity of concentrating our
forces and displaying from that point, agreeable to the previous design
of the troops. Every Evolution was performed with alacrity, the whole
advancing rapidly in line, and through an open prairie, without any
protection whatever for our men. The Artillery advanced and took
station within two hundred yards of the Enemy's Breastwork and com-
menced an effective fire with grape and cannister. Col. Sherman
with his regiment having commenced the action upon our left wing


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