Sam Houston's Copy of His Official Report of the Battle of San Jacinto

Page 5

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Sam Houston Report - Page 5

roads, illy supplied with rations and clothing, yet amid every difficulty
they bore up with cheerfulness and fortitude, and performed their marches
with spirit and alacrity - there was no murmuring - Previous to and
during the action my Staff evinced every disposition to be useful, and were
actively engaged in their duties. In the action I am assured that they
demeaned themselves in such manner as proved them worthy members of
the army of San Jacinto. Col. T. J. Rusk Secretary of war was on the
field. For weeks, his services had been highly beneficial to the army
in battle he was in the left wing where Col. Sherman's command first
encountered and drove the Enemy; he bore himself gallantly, and continued
his efforts and activity, remaining with the pursuers, until resistance ceased.

I have the honor of transmitting herewith a list of all the officers and men
who were engaged in the action, which I respectfully request may be published
as an act of justice to the individuals. For the Commanding Generals to
attempt discrimination as to the conduct of those who commanded in the ac-
tion, or those who were commanded would be impossible. Our success in the
action is conclusive proof of their daring intrepidity and valor; every officer
and man proved himself worthy of the cause in which he battled, while
the triumph received a luster from the humanity which characterized
their conduct, after victory, and richly entitles them to the admiration
and gratitude of their General. Nor should we withhold the tribute
of our grateful thanks, from that Being who rules the destinies of nations
and has in the time of [greatest] need enabled us to arrest a
powerful invader whilst devastating our Country

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