Texas 175: A Dozen Documents That Made a Difference

Unlike most states, Texas does not celebrate the date that it was admitted to the United States. (For the record, it was December 29, 1845.)

It is perhaps revealing that instead Texas celebrates March 2, 1836, the date that a band of American and Mexican rebels declared independence from the autocratic rule of a distant government. They fought the issue to a bloody conclusion at storied places like Gonzalez, Goliad, the Alamo, and San Jacinto. Then, for a decade that followed, Texas went it alone. As historian T.R. Ferenbach wrote in Seven Keys to Texas: "Texans have suffered history upon their own soil."

2011 marks the 175th anniversary of the Texas Revolution. The Texas State Library and Archives itself has its roots in that storied event -- one of the first acts of the provisional government was to begin the systematic collection of government records.

During the revolution itself, the archives was in constant motion to prevent capture by the Mexican army. To commemorate the 175th anniversary of Texas independence, the Texas State Library and Archives is proud to present a dozen selected documents that showcase the people and events of the Texas Revolution.

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Details from Henry McArdle's Dawn at the Alamo (1905) and The Battle of San Jacinto (1895) Circular of the Committee of Safety
Declaracion del Pueblo de Tejas
Sam Houston's Call for Volunteers
Map of Coahuila and Texas, 1836
The Cherokee Treaty
Travis's Letter from the Alamo
The Texas Declaration of Independence
Defense of the Sea Coast Broadside
Sam Houston's Notes on the Eve of San Jacinto
The Treaties of Velasco
Passport of Emily West
Design of the Lone Star Flag
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