Wood to President James K. Polk, October 6, 1848

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On March 15, 1848, the Texas Legislature established Santa Fe County, a huge territory that encompassed practically all of the area of New Mexico. Texas had claimed this territory since the early days of the Republic of Texas. In October 1848, the citizens of the area held a mass meeting at Santa Fe protesting Texas' action, partly because Texas was a slave state and partially because of long animosity between the area and the Texas government. Texas continued to try to claim the area until relinquishing her claim in the Compromise of 1850.

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Wood to Polk, Page 1

Governor Wood to President Polk

Executive Office, Austin, October 6th, 1848

To His Excellency James K. Polk

President of the United States


The people of Texas have observed with

much surprise the manifestation of a disposi-

tion on the part of some of the public men

of the Union, to deprive them of a large and

valuable portion of their territory, by prescribing

for this State new and hitherto unrecognized

boundaries; and their mortification is even greater

than their surprise, at the disregard of right

and the violation of faith involved in this


That a certain boundary was determined

upon and clearly defined and prescribed as such

by the legitimate authority in Texas, is admitted

on all hands; and that this same boundary

was recognized by the Federal Government by

the most solemn acts, and on more than one

occasion, is capable of recorded proof.

From the very dawn of our revolution,

equally amidst the disasters and triumphs of our

arms in its progress, the Rio Grande from its

source to its mouth was insisted on as our

western boundary; and in the darkest hour of

that unequal struggle, a spirit so craven was

not to be found in our ranks, who would have

been satisfied with less. So univeral and radical

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Wood to President James K. Polk, October 6, 1848, Santa Fe Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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