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Dawn at the Alamo

Jeff Milam to McArdle, January 2, 1901

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Handbook of Texas article on Ben Milam

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Milam to McArdle, January 1901

Van Alstyne Texas 1/2/1901

Mr. McArdle

San Antonio Tex

We have just received your

enquiring letter of Uncle

Ben R. Milam, the B. R.

Milam who died at

Glenrose & was a nephew

of B. R. Milam who fell at

the Alamo.

And [he was] very much like him[.]

Colonel B. R. Milam

was 6 ft 1 ½ in. height [and] 200 lbs

with dark piercing eye,

black hair and light complexion

for a man with black hair

and eyes.

He was born 1786 May 2nd


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Jeff Milam to McArdle, January 2, 1901, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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