The Battle of San Jacinto

John P. Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885

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Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885

Note: This transcription retains all the author's spelling without the customary insertion of "[sic]" to note misspellings.

Buckhorn Austin County Sept. th 1885

H A McArdle Dear Sir I will in my feble

way do the best I can[.] [T]he Brest work was made

of brush[,] sand bags and aparahos or pack sadles[.]

The ground in frount was a litle roling[.]

Gen Houston wore a black suit of brod [broad]

Clorth badly worn and the other oficers

was badly drest[.] [D]eaf Smith was drst in

Mexican Stile and looked like one and wore

a Mexican Sumbrro [sombrero] and aroad [rode] a Spanish pony[.]

I state hear that the Twin Sisters was

6 Pound Iron[.] [T]]he wheels was just lik the rest

of them made at this date[.] [T]har was but five

of the other oficers mounted[.]

[T]he uniforme of the Mexicans oficers was

very geordy [gaudy] of read and yellow[.] I do not no

of any of the old Mexican arms but I

will see if I can find one for you[.]

As for flags I do not think we hod any[.]

[T]he Mexican flag I do not recolict now[;]

older ones will no[.] I will send my liknes

taken in 1875[.] My hite is 5 feet 8 inches

Complection fair[,] hair lite[,] eyes lite Blue[.]

Dress on that occasion pantalons[,] both lages [legs] of[f]

to the nees [knees]-Shirt Slives both gon an

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John P. Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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