The Battle of San Jacinto

John P. Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885

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Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885

barfoot[,] and I wa[s] a fair sample of the

rest of the men[.] [T]he Brest work ran

South East and North West as well as I

recolect[.] [T]he site being in the timber and

the left in the perara [?] and a bout the

midle was the opening for thar cannon[,] a

12-pound Brass pice [piece][.] [T]he Horses of the

ofisers was all comon Texas pones[.] [T]his is the

best of my recolection of the batle groung[.] [O]lder

ones perhaps will no more than I do[.]

[B]ut in refernc to the Twin Sisters I

no what I say for I was a member of

that company and is the only one that

is living in the State[.] [I]f this will

be of any Survis to you[,] you ar more

than welcome[.]

With due respect I

remain yours

John P Ferrell

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John P. Ferrell to McArdle, September 1885, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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