Vertical File Index

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The Vertical File of the Archives and Information Services Division includes material from newspapers, magazines, Texas documents, pamphlets, and maps which includes information about Texas people, places, things, and events.

The bulk of this collection was assembled from the 1970s through late 1990s by staff and volunteers of the Archives and Information Services Division. Some terminology used, including folder names, may be outdated and could be considered offensive.

While additions to this collection have been discontinued, these files are maintained for three purposes: 

1. To provide articles that are historical, summary, or comprehensive in nature, containing an overview on a particular Texas topic.

2. To lead a researcher to additional material on a subject by including bibliographies, cross references, and dates of significance.

3. To be a source of ready reference facts and statistics.

The vertical file does not aspire to be a comprehensive source of information on any topic. It does not serve as a current events tool nor as a day-by-day chronology of any given event.

The Surname and Genealogy Files include research materials collected by patrons and staff when these files were active and include information about Texas families, people, places, and events. These files serve to document previous family history research and other topics of genealogical value.

Throughout the index, headings in ALL CAPS denote specific file folders in the Vertical File, Surname File, and Genealogy File. Some folders may contain only a page or two of clippings while others may include several. These files are available for public use.

Page last modified: October 28, 2020