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Our one page quick reference guides are developed with the goal of supporting government records management programs in the State of Texas. If you have a records management topic you would like to see covered in a one page guide, email and let us know. We are working hard to create new guidance for current and emerging challenges in records and information management.

Email Records Quick Reference (PDF)

Email Records Quick Reference

  • Are emails considered government records?
  • How long do I keep email?
  • How do I classify my emails using the Three-Step Drill?

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Social Media Records Quick Reference (PDF)

Social Media Records Quick Reference

  • Are social media posts considered government records?
  • How long should state and local governments retain social media records?
  • How do I classify social media posts using the Three-Step Drill?

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Imaging & Scanning Quick Reference (PDF)

Imaging and Scanning Quick Reference

  • Is imaging right for the records?
  • How do I practice quality control?
  • Can I destroy paper records after scanning them?
  • Do I need to document the destruction of paper originals?
  • Practice Four Main Principles: Authenticity, Integrity, Reliability, Usability

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