TexShare Card FAQ for Librarians

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Why Should My Library Offer TexShare Cards to Our Patrons?

TexShare cards provide your library patrons with the privilege to visit more than 500 libraries and branches throughout the State of Texas and check out materials.  The goal of the TexShare Program is to improve library service to Texans by making each library’s materials available to the greatest number of users.

How Can I Find Out More About the TexShare Card Program?

We have an archived webinar explaining the program and how libraries issue cards, accept cards from visitors, and report statistics. To view the recording, go to https://onlinetraining.tsl.texas.gov/course/view.php?id=291.

How Do I Sign Up My Library for the TexShare Card Program?

  1. Read the TexShare CARD Participation Agreement.
  2. Complete the online application form.
    This form is for library directors. If you're a library patron who wants a TexShare Card, see the Patron FAQ.
  3. Be sure to designate your TexShare Card Program Liaison. This liaison may or may not be the library director.
  4. Complete your library's TexShare Card Lending Policy using the prompts on the form. You may wish to use Find-A-Library or the TexShare Card map (map instructions) to view other libraries' lending policies.
  5. After completing the online application, print out the Participation Agreement form. Complete the necessary information, sign it, then scan and email it to TexShare@tsl.texas.gov. Alternately, you may fax it to 512-252-9386, or mail it to:
       Texas State Library and Archives Commission
       PO Box 12927
       Austin, TX 78711-2927

How Soon Can I Begin Issuing TexShare Cards?

On receipt of the signed form, TexShare will post your library’s Card Lending Policy online, and staff will send you an initial shipment of TexShare Cards and informational brochures.  There is no charge for these materials. You may begin issuing cards as soon as you receive your stock of them. Additional cards and brochures are available upon request.

What Should I Include in My Library’s TexShare Card Lending Policy?

Use Find-A-Library or the TexShare Card map (map instructions) to view the lending policies of libraries similar to yours. Feel free to copy sections verbatim if you wish, as similar policies lead to less confusion for patrons.

Please consider the following points as well:

  • We hope the privileges extended to visiting TexShare Card holders will be as close as possible to the privileges for your own local patrons.
  • You may vary your policies for different borrower-types (Staff, Faculty, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student, or Public Library patron are the borrower types that will be indicated on the “borrower type” line on the TexShare card.) You may also have a separate policy for youth borrowers. These differences must be included in your official Lending Policy. Because libraries use different ages to define youth borrowers, the definition of “youth” for lending purposes is determined by the lending library.
  • You may place a restriction on the number of items a TexShare borrower may check out at a time.

To which of my library patrons should I issue a TexShare Card?

  • The applicant for a TexShare card must be a registered patron or staff member at your library.
  • Do not issue cards to patrons with outstanding fines or fees. You may refuse to issue a TexShare Card to a borrower who has unpaid fines and charges at your library.
  • You may require an applicant for a TexShare Card to be in good standing at your library, and to have demonstrated compliance your existing borrowing policies. For example, you may impose a waiting period between a person’s initial registration as a borrower at your library and issuance of a TexShare card to give that person an opportunity to establish a good record with your library.
  • The TexShare card is designed as a service to offer your patrons, not as a card to be distributed automatically to all registered users.

Do TexShare Cards Expire?

  • Each TexShare card must include an expiration date, which cannot exceed one year from the date of issuance, however it may be for a shorter period.
  • Your library is responsible for the use of the card by the TexShare borrower until the expiration date listed on the card.

How Do I Check Out Materials to a Visiting Patron with a TexShare Card issued by another library?

Visiting patrons with TexShare Cards issued by other libraries must also present a photo ID (driver's license, Texas ID, college ID, etc). Check the expiration date on the card. Most libraries will then either 1) issue the patron one of their own library cards with a TexShare borrower designation; or 2) validate the TexShare card with a barcode and enter information on the user into the computer.

What TexShare Card Usage Statistics Must I Report?

The card program requires that you keep the statistics identified in the card agreement. Participating libraries must report these statistics annually to the State Library via an online form.  TexShare follows the State Library’s fiscal year (Sept. – Aug.) and each library must report its TexShare Card statistics no later than two weeks following the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 15th). Statistics are reported via an oline form that asks:

  • How many TexShare Cards did you give out to your library's patrons so that they could use other libraries?
  • How many visitors from other libraries used their TexShare cards to register for borrowing privileges at your library?
  • How many items did you circulate to TexShare visitors from other libraries?
  • How many items did your library lose to TexShare visitors who did not return them to you?
  • What was the total dollar value of the materials you lost to TexShare visitors from other libraries?
  • For the items that your library lost to TexShare visitors who did not return them, how many were paid for by the visitors' home libraries?
  • What is the total amount you received from other libraries in payment for materials you lost to TexShare visitors?
  • How much did you have to pay to other libraries because your patrons used the TexShare Card to check out materials that they did not return?

What if a Visiting TexShare Card Patron Damages or Does Not Return Materials to My Library?

Contact the TexShare Card Program liaison at the patron’s home library.  Card liaison contact information is available through the Library Search tool at www.tsl.texas.gov/texshare/libsearch. Provide the following information: patron's name, ID number, items overdue, cost of items, and date due.

Advise the liaison of the home library as soon as the patron returns the books or pays for them. If the item is not returned or paid for after six months, your library may bill the library that issued the card for the cost of the book. Requested reimbursement may cover the cost of lost or damaged materials, but not any associated fines.

What if I Don’t Receive Payment for Lost or Damaged Items?

It is rare that a participating library will experience an uncompensated loss.  If you have not received payment for a lost or damaged item from the visiting patron or from the home library, follow these steps:

  • Verify with the home library that the person listed as the card program liaison is correct and the contact information is current. It is common for a library to change personnel and not update their card program liaison. Sometimes new staff are unfamiliar with TexShare and unaware of outstanding bills.
  • Contact the card liaison once more, explaining that you have not received payment for the item. Include the details of the item (as in FAQ Question 10) and the dates and details of your prior correspondence on the matter.
  • Follow up with a telephone contact to the card program liaison.
  • Contact the library’s director or other appropriate administrative personnel, if your continued efforts to resolve the issue with the card program liaison are unsuccessful.
  • As a last resort, notify the home library that you will not honor any NEW TexShare cards from that library pending resolution of the outstanding bill.

What If a TexShare Library Reports That One of My Patrons Has Not Returned a Book?

Notify your patron of the items overdue, cost of the items, and date due. Suspend borrowing privileges for the patron until the situation is resolved either through return of the items or payment for them. The lending library will notify you if the items are returned or payment is received. If the items still have not been returned or paid for after six months, your library must pay the lending library for the lost items and may pursue collection from the borrower.

What if I Need to Revoke One of My Patron’s TexShare card privileges?

Most TexShare card holders use their TexShare cards responsibly. However, if it does become necessary to revoke a TexShare card, you should inform other participating libraries so they do not check materials out to that user.  Please post a notice to the TexShare Card electronic discussion list (https://lists.tsl.state.tx.us/mailman/listinfo/texshare-card). In this message, include the patron’s name, the name of the home library, the card number and ID, the effective date of the revocation, and the expiration date on the card.

How Do I Withdraw My Library from the TexShare Card Program?

The TexShare Card Program benefits your library patrons by allowing them to directly borrow materials from other participating libraries throughout the state, gaining direct access to library materials not owned by their home library. The TexShare Card expands the world of information for school students and adult learners alike. Please consider carefully the advantages to your patrons of participation in the TexShare Card Program before deciding to discontinue this service.

If you have determined that you must withdraw from the TexShare Card Program, you must complete the “Notice to Withdraw” form at www.tsl.texas.gov/sites/default/files/public/tslac/texshare/CardWithdrawalForm.2012-03-22.pdf The withdrawal process requires that you:

  • Honor the borrowing privileges you have extended to TexShare Card-holders up through the expiration date of their cards.
  • Be responsible for your patrons’ borrowed materials checked out on or before the expiration date on the TexShare cards issued by your library and continue to work with your patrons to ensure that outstanding borrowed items are returned in good condition to the lending library.
  • Allow a minimum of two weeks for the TexShare office to process your request for withdrawal.
Page last modified: August 9, 2016