Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829

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In this letter, Stephen F. Austin writes to Navarro of the death of his brother J.E.B. Austin and of his plans to promote the translation of laws from Spanish to English, and proposes that he and Navarro go in together on a land deal. Note that he signs his initials "E.F. Austin" for Estaban, the Spanish equivalent of Stephen.

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English Translation

Village of Austin

October 19th 1829

My very esteemed friend:--

Between work and misfortune that came upon me I have been filled with sadness, the passage in one of your letters that I have failed to answer and write oftener as I should have done.

I will state that the good opinion you have of me is appreciated for the reason that I believe you know me well and your judgement has more influence over me than the whimsical or accidental and trifling circumstances could have. I have just returned from the edge of the sepulchre, it was a terrible blow the death of my only brother who was my companion in so many works and privations that we have passed together in these dispopulated lands with the only hope of seeing this country flower. I have been stimulated to sustain the life that I have passed but my brother did not stay to enjoy this pleasure. He was like myself, an enthusiast in favor of Texas and he began to have some commodities in order to work -- He is now in peace, far away from tribulations and [?] of human life. -- probably this is for the best.

Excuse me for bothering you with my private grief -- we shall pass to something else.

I have examined all of your letters

Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829, Document 82, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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